• Our manufacturing plant is located at Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh less than 200 kms from Bangalore airport. The plant is state of the art and incorporates the latest technology and equipment.
  • Our product range includes Synthetic Camphor of all grades, Terpineols, Isobornyl Acetate, etc.
  • We have mature production processes that are monitored by well-trained technical personnel using the latest instrumentation equipment resulting in very consistent production quality.
  • We have strict and well established quality checks on raw materials, intermediate products as well as finished products. Each batch of product is thoroughly checked to ensure consistency to specifications using the latest testing equipment before it is released for shipment. Specification standards are laid out clearly in our brochures and our products conform accurately to the standards.
  • We constantly strive to reduce pollutants in the environment and maintain strict vigil at all times to protect the environment. We have an extensive effluent treatment system for treatment of our liquid waste. In addition, we have undertaken to conserve water usage in our plant by adopting extensive water recycling practices.
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