Social Welfare and Sanitation

UNICEF Sustainable Development Goal 1 – No Poverty & UNICEF Sustainable Development Goal 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation

SCPL believes in empowering the underprivileged and bringing up society as whole. To that end, SCPL has initiated multiple projects to combat the greatest issues facing society. These include:

Underground Drainage System

In collaboration with the Rural Development Trust (RDT), SCPL has funded the creation of an underground drainage system for Batlo Kothapalli Village in the Bukkaraya Samudram Mandal of Anantapur. This village population is approximately 2000 people and this project will enable better hygiene and prevent illnesses.

Reverse Osmosis units

In order to provide villagers with clean drinking water, SCPL has funded multiple RO units in villages neighbouring the primary manufacturing plant. These include:

  • ❖ 2 units in Kallur village that serve approximately 8000 people.
  • ❖ 1 unit in Kothapalli village that has a capacity of 5000 litres, serving 1000 people.
  • ❖ 2 units in Loluru village for the utility of a primary school and the village centre. These have a capacity of 200 litres and serve 50 children.
  • ❖ 1 unit in Singanamala Mandal that has a capacity of 2000 litres serving between 100-200 people.

Anganwadi centres

Centres supplemented by the Andhra Pradesh Government with the purpose of providing pregnant women with sufficient nutrition and providing children with pre-primary education. SCPL has funded the construction of the following Anganwadi centres:

  • ❖ A centre in Loluru village that serves 18 children and 10 pregnant women.
  • ❖ A centre in Kothapalli village that serves 15 children, 9 pregnant women and 6 lactating women.

Sanitation Facilities

SCPL has built 15 lavatories in Loluru Village to help with village sanitation. This is a widespread problem as proved by recent statistics that show nearly 53% of the 247 million Indian households do not have lavatories and 50% openly defecate.

Water Pipeline

SCPL has built a water pipeline that supplies Sirivaram and Guddalapalli villages with drinking water. This water pipeline serves around 2000 people.

Other contributions:

  • ❖ District Collector’s initiative and Kerala Chief Minister’s fund .
  • ❖ Construction of a park in Madhapur, Hyderabad.
  • ❖ Construction of a temple in Madurai, TN.
  • ❖ Deepam Pathakam scheme done by the government of Andhra Pradesh for Gas Contribution.
  • ❖ Old Age home in Hyderabad, TS.
  • ❖ Yoga Trust in Hyderabad, TS.