Environmental Conservation

Our environmental objectives are to conserve natural resources, conserve the existing natural environment and repair existing damage. In order to achieve these objective, SCPL aims to reduce emissions, recycle waste and utilise ecofriendly operations in all of our manufacturing processes.

Measures towards Environmental Conservation:

  • • Recovery of materials: Some of the materials are recovered from the manufacturing process and reused instead of disposing off to the environment and, thus reducing waste and enhancing profits.
  • • Organic wastes: Organic Wastes (By-products) such as Tops & Residues are converted into Valued Added Products and thus reducing waste generation and disposal.
  • • Solvent recovery: Solvent used for manufacturing is recovered and reused. Thus recycling the solvent and reducing the spent solvent disposal and the requirement of fresh solvent.
  • • ETP: High TDS water processed and reused.
  • • Emissions & pollutants: Usage of bio fuel (ground nut husk) for boiler reduces the emissions of green house gases, pollutants and maintained within the standard environment norms.