The most imperative thing on the planet Earth is WATER without which there is no existence of life. Among the water resources available on the planet, most of the water is present in the salt form in seas and oceans which is not directly useful for the mankind. The remaining limited sources of water is in the fresh form and is suitable for the purposes of drinking, house hold activities, agriculture, hydro-power generation, industries etc.

Industries use significant amount of water for manufacturing, cleaning and other purposes and this cannot be reused due to the presence of contaminants, toxic materials etc.

For this Saptagir has established an Effluent treatment plant where the used water is collected and treated to remove / neutralise the contaminants and toxic materials in safe and regulated manner so that the treated water can be reused for cooling water towers, plantations etc.

Measures towards Water Conservation.

  • • Treatment of used water through the Effluent treatment plant.
  • • Recycled water reused for cooling towers and plantations – thus reducing fresh water requirement.
  • • Use of Natural resources - Rain water storage mechanism initiated.